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About SportLYnx

We at SportLynx believe in the power of sports to develop positive character in our youth, promote community, and provide everyone with an opportunity for self-expression.


SportLynx was founded in 2011 by Nino Borsoni, a long-time Bay Area resident with over twenty-five years of experience in club, league, team, and parent organization management. Nino was frustrated by his many years of experience working with fragmented, out-of-date software systems in the soccer world. It was this frustration that was the genesis of his vision of a state-of-the art, web-based league, club, and team management system that would provide a one-stop-shop feature-set that covered all aspects of youth sports management.

His years of experience in various aspects and positions in soccer and other organizations provided a wealth of knowledge and experience that was instrumental in the development of SportLynx.


Over the first 12 years, Nino lead SportLynx through significant development, pouring in his expertise and experience and leveraging his significant contacts in the industry to guide the system’s design and development.

Significant milestones were reached, many customers used, tested, and helped improve the system, and SportLynx was battle-tested and matured.


In 2023, 12 years after founding and leading SportLynx, LLC, Nino stepped down as President and CEO and retired from the company. Nino named Richard DesLonde as the new owner, President, and CEO of SportLynx, LLC.

Richard’s mission is to continue Nino’s vision for SportLynx and grow the company to help as many people as possible experience the joy and many benefits of sports.