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SportLynx is growing rapidly and is looking for strategic partners to join our investor team.

Rapid Growth

Our growth is exponential, spurred on by a combination word-of-mouth referrals, competitor dropout, and a growing desire by the youth sports industry to use software that meets modern standards. We are the most advanced system on the market and will continue to outpace our competitors in features, vision, and market acquisition. We literally have a 100% renewal rate.

Long-term vision

The youth and adult amateur sports industry is in roughly the same place commercial industry was 10 to 15 years ago  – rapidly increasing software sophistication, competitor market crowding and churn, and rising customer expectations. We are perfectly poised to successfully ride this wave of increasing demand and build on our platform the next generation of modern software for youth and adult sports.

We won’t get into specifics here, but the vision includes much more than just sports.


The next five to ten years will continue to see an upheaval in industry and technology, and youth and adult sports are no exception. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, block-chain, and a host of other major technical, business, and societal disruptors will continue to provide both opportunity and hazards that must be navigated and taken advantage of.

Richard is a big-picture thinker who has the rare ability to also execute on a long-term vision, He clearly sees the near and long-term landscape and is navigating SportLynx into position as a powerhouse of the sports industry.