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SportLynx developed it’s club modules in collaboration with some of industry’s most experienced registrars and administrators. We have tools and workflows to ensure your club is efficient, cost effective, and easy to administer.


It all begins with player registration – the season, the player’s first experience with the club, the registrars’ onboarding and workflows – so it has to be perfect. SportLynx has the most flexible, comprehensive, and easy to configure and fill out player, coach, and team registration forms.

And a little bonus, we have fully translated Spanish versions of our whole site, including the registrations.


There’s a lot to keep track of when registering players, coaches, team managers, and forming teams. Insurance forms, photos, training, signed forms, etc. all need to be tracked. SportLynx has the right tools, configurable to your workflow, to help you achieve a smooth, easy, and efficient onboarding.

Team Management

Team formation and team management are a crucial middle step to managing your club. SportLynx’s team formation and team management modules seamlessly integrate with the rest of our system and pick up where registration and onboarding left off.

Once teams are formed, we even have a web portal for each team’s coach and their team manager’s to manage their team, communicate, and maintain their roster and other information.